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(computer science) an electronic device that converts information in memory to video output to a display

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Paired with any Corsair Hydro series liquid cooler, the HG10 is able to easily dissipate large amounts of heat from the graphics card, dropping peak temperatures by as much as 50 degrees Celsius and at significantly lower noise levels.
Colorful's graphics card division launched the iGame for its top tier players in 2008.
Maximum PC reports that the Nvidia GTX Titan Z graphics card is officially available today.
latest ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card can take advantage of display
Major functions of graphics card illuminate the applications areas relevant to graphics cards of various types for both entertainment & productivity.
It includes an onscreen keyboard, zooming capabilities, large fonts and navigation controls that enable users to enjoy web surfing while relaxing on the sofa with their Zotac GeForce series graphics card computer connected to a television set.
PNY Technologies Inc, a provider of flash memory cards and USB flash and solid state drives, today launched the latest graphics card from NVIDIA (Nasdaq:NVDA), the XLR8 GeForce GTX 465 1024MB GDDR5.
These graphics cards do well in applications with lots of texture and environment mapping in the images.
NVIDIA TurboCache is a new, patented hardware and software technology that allows a graphics processing unit (GPU) to render directly to system memory, instead of using local memory on the graphics card.
The RADEON 9800 PRO graphics card was specifically designed to accommodate the special USB, power routing and dual flat panel display requirements of the new Power Mac G5 systems, including ADC and DVI connectors.
Burgeoning PC gaming & visual effects market are driving graphics card sales in India, finds Netscribes.
The subject of the contract is the delivery of yet unused hardware and software of the operating system diagnostic evaluation of two computer workstations, in this report - Diagnostic color monitor 6 megapixels (1 piece), preview monitor (1 piece) graphics card for diagnostic color monitor 6 megapixels (1 piece) graphics card for preview monitor (1 piece) workstations (1 piece)- Mamodiagnosticke 5 megapixel monitors (2 pieces), preview monitor (1 piece), DualHead graphics card for mamodiagnosticke 5 megapixel monitors (1 piece) graphics card for preview monitor (1 piece) workstations (1 piece).
Our latest ZOTAC GeForceA GTX 480 and GeForceA GTX 470 incorporates all the latest technologies and features users crave and combines them into a single PCI Express x16 graphics card," said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International.
The Zotac Nitro is the premiere companion for Zotac GeForce graphics card owners, allowing users to overclock with the simplicity of pressing three buttons.
based supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards and other PC enthusiast products, announced today the BFG(R) GeForce(TM) 6200 3D graphics card featuring NVIDIA(R) TurboCache(TM) technology.
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