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a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text

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Of course, Microsoft Windows is not the only graphical interface system available.
Existing systems are being endowed with features like graphical interfaces, making them easier to use, and capabilities such as intelligent defaults, rule-based modeling, constraints, and associativity, providing designers with a more intuitive environment.
RTLinuxPro for Windows features a full graphical interface and build system based upon the industry-standard Eclipse IDE.
Other developments include a CHARMm-based docking refinement algorithm, ability to save and re-use forcefield files, new functionality for automated homology model generation and a rich graphical interface to GOLD--a genetic algorithm-based docking program from Accelrys partner, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC).
The Beijing commuter rail project follows other key successes for Kinesix in the East Asia region, including a partnership with Beijing-based Shengzuo Software Technology as well as engagements with the Hong Kong Subway System and the Hong Kong East Rail System -- both of which rely on Kinesix products as the graphical interface for their control systems.
Key functionality that is offered in version 6 includes: 1) Workflow that is 100% graphically-oriented, with a drag-and-drop builder and graphical workflow monitor, 2) A new navigation system with an expandable folder tree, 3) New graphical interface with sizable and sort-able columns, 4) A new reporting component providing business users with better access to data and reports, 5) The ability to provide `Custom Tasks' which ensures that unique business logic can be written once and re-used -- as well as enhancements to the eForm Builder and improved knowledge views.
The "soft" graphical interface adds flexibility, enabling designers to design an intuitive interface for test equipment that can display any combination of numeric, graphical, or text-based status.
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- Latest addition to the Psion Teklogix line provides customers with new features and graphical interface advances for rugged vehicle-mount computers
A Thinking Homes-enabled system automatically detects devices on a home network and makes them available through a simple, user-friendly, graphical interface.
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