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a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text

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The Graphical Interface for DR/Xpert significantly improves the value and ease of use of an already strong Disaster Recovery product and that is important to us because it is important to our customers," said Steve Sydow, CEO of OpenTech Systems.
Such features are characteristic of so-called graphical interfaces, whereby the user communicates via a "mouse" and on-screen menus of tiny images ("icons"), rather than having to type verbal commands on a keyboard.
The graphical interface Windows software (a DOS version will follow) reads and displays real-time Voltage readings or those from a data file, including data files available over a network.
We are therefore delighted that Accelrys has provided a rich graphical interface in Discovery Studio to GOLD, allowing Discovery Studio users transparent access to our popular docking software.
The graphical interface combined with the new version's advanced file and project management features make it a valuable tool for increasing our productivity.
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- Latest addition to the Psion Teklogix line provides customers with new features and graphical interface advances for rugged vehicle-mount computers
A Thinking Homes-enabled system automatically detects devices on a home network and makes them available through a simple, user-friendly, graphical interface.
Layton Database Manager's Intuitive Graphical Interface, Ease- of-Use Makes Database Management Functions Effortless
Educators also benefit from the LabVIEW graphical interface to intuitively control and view data within their control models.
the leading provider of network security policy management software, today announced its Solsoft NetfilterOne, a graphical interface that will automate the design, deployment and documentation of security rules and policies as they pertain to a networked netfilter firewall.
SiteIQ is a software-based solution that brings surveillance cameras and other sensors into a single, easy-to-use graphical interface that shows an entire facility - or group of facilities - on one screen.
The partnership follows on the heels of other key successes for Kinesix in the East Asia region, including engagements with the Hong Kong Subway System and the Hong Kong East Rail System - both of which rely on Kinesix products as the graphical interface for their control systems.
0, which includes support for C++ and F90-specific expression evaluation, support for Apple Mac OS X, and enhancements to the graphical interface.
Other major features include C++ and F90 expression evaluation and graphical interface enhancements.
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