Vitis vinifera

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Orangey/lemon walls, tongue and groove in blue distressed paint effect, yellow table linen, and grape-vine stencilling along the walls, crystal light fittings shaped like bunches of grapes, plus parquet flooring.
Other means employed to infer the use of wine by prehistoric societies include the study of the remains of the grape-vine found at archaeological sites (Renfrew 1973) and the recognition of its cultivation through the identification of morphologically domesticated grape pips (Renfrew 1995; 2003).
And scheming Victor said: 'He's probably the most intelligent person here after me and I've heard through the grape-vine that he's playing a game.
The Swifts will advertise the post, though Reynolds' phone has already been ringing with would-be applicants since news of Langford's departure spread through the non-League grape-vine.
Regular Internet users know about it through the grape-vine.
WATER and feed grape-vines regularly, reducing the watering as the fruits ripen.
Detectives believe the same man is responsible for both robberies and that he lay in wait for his victims in thick grape-vines lining the shore.