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Grape wine is attested in the sixth millennium, soon after the invention of pottery vessels in which it could be fermented.
If the rubrics, or instructions, in the Book of Common Prayer concerning communion are followed, then the fruit wines of Manitoba or Newfoundland need not apply: "The bread shall be the best and purest wheat bread, whether leavened or unleavened, and the wine pure grape wine with which a little water may be mingled.
While it is possible that the newly found pottery contained grape wine, she suggested that rice wine is more likely, possibly flavored with grapes or hawthorn fruit.
A red grape is only red on the skin, so if you make a wine with just the juice it will look the same as a white grape wine.
Arthur Court will be showing its line of alternative metal tabletop and home decor items, such as its Grape Wine Rack, in Atlanta this week.
Here Hoodsport Winery's offerings include a delicious raspberry wine, along with the historic Island Belle grape wine from some of Washington's oldest vines, on nearby Stretch Island.
5% of the beverage alcohol consumed by the participants was from grape wine.
com/research/cvt2wr/china_grape_wine) has announced the addition of the "China Grape Wine Industry Report, 2012-2014" report to their offering.
com/research/j5d3fx/china_grape_wine) has announced the addition of the "China Grape Wine Industry Report, 2013-2016" report to their offering.
I've made excellent Concord grape wine and apricot wine one year that was just perfect
Mead is historically referred to as nectar of the gods and can stand alone or, just like grape wine and beer, compliment food at the dinner table.
Grape wine can have an alcohol content as high as 11% or 12% and still be excellent.
No doubt the alcoholic properties of wine go far towards explaining its desirability in the ancient world, but the extent to which the modern primacy of grape wine colours our view of the past is hardly considered.
The Zairian bishops asked if they could use other wine than grape wine when that was not available.
Attempts have been made to grow grape wine in Kenya, and some of the wine produced has been described as quite palatable - if you can get it.