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Researcher John Michael Galindon of UP Biology and DSRF observed that the flowers can be found only in the roots of an unidentified species of Tetrastigma, a vine that belongs to the grape family.
While all of the shade-tolerant vines already mentioned lose their leaves, two tropical low-light vines, also in the grape family, are evergreen.
Interestingly enough, these vines are part of the grape family as well.
None has chlorophyll, and all grow as parasites on vines of the genus Tetrastigma, which is in the grape family.
Although Monterey County now is recognized as one of the premier winegrowing areas of the world, it had a strike against it in the 1970s as too cool, so cool that the Sauvignon grape family was accused of having a "bell pepper" characteristic, imparting a vegetal flavor.