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Synonyms for grapefruit

citrus tree bearing large round edible fruit having a thick yellow rind and juicy somewhat acid pulp

large yellow fruit with somewhat acid juicy pulp

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Effects of preharvest application of antagonistic yeast combined with chitosan on decay and quality of harvested table grape fruit.
Chef Pramod's winning dishes included a starter of seared loin of tuna with dikon carpaccio, beluga caviar and pink grape fruit vinaigrette and a main course of grilled tranche of Wagyu Japanese beef with sweet potato puree, asparagus and brogoli sauce.
A COMMERCIALLY available blueberry and grape fruit punch delivers a bruising blow to prostate cancer, scientists have found.
Personally, I start the day with a glass of red grape fruit juice as this also contains flavonoids.
Kirin, which had the largest share of such low-alcohol drinks last year, launched a new drink in June that contains white grape fruit juice called ''Hyoketsu (frozen) Chardonnay Sparkling'' aimed at wine fans.
With pomelos, the big bumpy citrus believed to be the parent of the modern grape fruit which has developed a niche market, shipments of the aptly named white Goliath variety rose 11% this year.
2 cups of grape fruit and orange segments 2 heads of lettuce 3/4 cup of chop celery (ask an adult to help chop) 1/2 cup of wheat germ 1/2 cup of sprout wheat berries or alfalfa seeds 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds 1 cup of seedless white grapes
This dietary supplement is based on a combination of standardized extracts of maqui berry fruit and grape fruit (seed/skin/pulp), produced under proprietary processes.