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a leukocyte that has granules in its cytoplasm

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Bivalve hemocytes are generally classified as granulocytes or hyalinocytes, although a third type (hemoblasts) is often observed in some species (Cheng 1984, Hine 1999, Lin et al.
49) What that means is that these supercharged granulocytes can be harvested from healthy young donors and infused into cancer patients with curative intent.
The purity was examined by the number of granulocytes in comparison with the number of remaining cells and by a microscopic differential of isolated cells.
Zheng Cui at the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University, are now finding these same granulocytes in people.
In CML too many granulocytes are produced and they are released into the blood when they are immature and unable to work properly.
The patient's platelets were phagocytosed by her own neutrophilic granulocytes.
No infected monocytes or granulocytes were observed in peripheral blood.
In preclinical studies, Ligand evaluated the effect of the GCSFR agonist LG7455 in well-established in vitro models of receptor function and on differentiation of CD34-positive human bone marrow cells into granulocytes.
Contract notice: Rent cell separator for collecting platelets ubogoleukocytarnego liquid enriching the possibility of simultaneous download of plasma and / or concentrated liquid red blood cells enriching and lease separator to perform preparative procedures (platelets, granulocytes, stem cells) and treatment (plasmapheresis, leukopheresis, tombaferezy, erytoaferezy, stem cell collection, apheresis ldl cholesterol and triglycerides apheresis) and sets to the above procedures and delivery jednoiglowych sets owned by the purchaser to the separator baxter amicus model.
Lymphocytes and granulocytes still had not recovered to preinfection levels at 14 dpi.
A histogram of LAP-PE on the mature granulocytes was then gated.
The new Sysmex XT-4000i automated hematology analyzer's IG parameter provides the reliable detection and quantification of circulating immature granulocytes that may be used by physicians as an early indicator of acute infection, inflammatory response or myeloproliferative disorder.
Based on this idea we attempted to create a simple and reliable flow cytometric assay to measure both engulfment and degradation of living bacteria by monocytes and granulocytes in human whole blood.
The following chapters separately address marrow failure syndromes and disorders related to red cells, granulocytes, lymphocytes, platelets, and coagulation.
The granulocytes showed abundant cytoplasm and low nucleus: cytoplasm ratios.
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