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a tiny grain

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In the year 2009 production of foam-glass granules started in Lithuania from collected glass waste in the country.
Thus, the flight depth decreases, compressing the plastic up against the barrel wall under significant pressure, which, in combination with the friction of the pellets on the barrel wall, mechanically drives enough energy into the plastic granules to melt them.
The clinical application and study of Wenxin Granule have been ongoing for three decades.
The resolution of light microscopy is not high enough to distinguish the granules inside the cytoplasm and produce a clear contrasting picture of the conditions of granules.
The Granules India CMD Krishna Prasad Chigurupati disclosed, "The agreement with USpharma complements our internal product development programme and expands our product portfolio.
Fordyce's granules are ectopic sebaceous glands which are seen in the oral cavity as small, painless, raised, yellowish or white spots of 1 to 3 mm in diameter.
In addition, Eisai has made special efforts, such as reducing the bitterness, to make Tambocor Fine Granules easy to administer.
has launched LIVAMIN Oral Granules, a branched-chain amino acid formula, in the Philippines, it was reported yesterday.
Oil-Dri Recycled granules are said to be perfect for absorbing all kinds of oil and grease spillage and the company says they have been exhaustively tested to prove their suitability as an economical yet highly effective absorbent material--and they have delivered exceptional results.
MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have advised farmers to harvest Irri varieties of paddy at a time when granules have 20-22 per cent moisture.
The process involves spraying of a binder liquid onto a bed of fluidized powder particles to form granules (Fig.
wetting of the entire surface of pigment with the melted acrylic resin extruding the mixture thus obtained, characterized in that extrusion is performed at an internal temperature of the extruder 5 to 20[degrees] C higher than the melting temperature of the resin, cooling thereof and subsequent granulation in the wet state and drying, to obtain a granule composition comprised of pigments coated with the at least one acrylic resin, wherein the granule composition contains from 80 to 20 percent by weight of the pigment and from 80 to 20 percent by weight of the acrylic resin, wherein the granule composition defines granules having a diameter from 1.
The ultrastructure of secretory granules was heterogeneous and substructures were
Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists' new findings have provided the first evidence that a gene named VCP plays a role in the break-up and clearance of protein and RNA molecules that accumulate in temporary structures called RNA granules.