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the principal sacred text of Sikhism contains hymns and poetry as well as the teachings of the first five gurus

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were in Devanagari script, and he had one each in sarada, Grantha, and Telugu characters (Jolly, pp.
Kunhan Raja Presentation Volume; Acharya Dhruva Smaraka Grantha, parts II and III; Shri K.
Although a stemma could not be generated, the editor distinguishes between three major groups of manuscripts: the first (A) represented by Kerala MSS in Malayalam script, the second (B) including Grantha and Malayalam manuscripts from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and the third (C) comprising MSS from Andhra and Orissa.
29] Santokh Singh's Sri Gurapratapa suraja grantha (1844) states that the installation took place on the occasion of the spring festival of Holi, but does not mention the year.
As a result we have now in our collection, after 31 years, about 12000 palmleaf manuscripts mostly in grantha script, some in Malayalam, Telugu, Nandinagari and Tulu scripts" (Bhatt, vol.
N[bar{a}]ge[acute{s}]abhatta-krta Vaiy[bar{a}]karana-siddh[bar{a}]nta-paramalaghuma[bar{n}]j[bar{u}]s[b ar{a}] (m[bar{u}]la grantha anuv[bar{a}]da evam sam[bar{i}]ks[bar{a}]tmakavy[bar{a}]khy[bar{a}]).
Using thirty-two manuscripts in Nagari, Sarada, Grantha, and Telugu scripts, Slaje, in the Vom Moksopaya-Sastra (= VMY), has subjected the textual structure of all the versions to meticulous examination.
The products have been formulated with help from the different granthas or books and supported by proper scientific evidence,” says a spokesperson for the Ayurveda cosmetics manufacturer.
After the citation, he notes that the passage is worth considering carefully (iti granthas catravadhanam arhati).