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a river in east central England that flows past Cambridge to join the Ouse River

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a rotating disk shaped to convert circular into linear motion

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The new three-storey concrete frame building is being delivered for BioMed Realty Trust that owns, manages and operates Granta Park scientific research centre.
BioMed Realty acquired the land for the project from The Welding Institute under a long term ground lease, enlarging BioMed Realty's Granta Park campus in Cambridge, England.
Charlie Bream, Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design, was clear that the new release would bring immediate benefits.
The editor of Granta, John Freeman, was dead chuffed with his list and said that one of the authors Sunjeev Sahota came from Leeds "completely out of the literary world".
IBTimes China talked to Granta editor John Freeman about the launch, Chinese literature and the state of reading in the digital age.
LAUREN TURNER Secrecy by Rupert Thomson, Granta, PS14.
Online book news company The Bookseller announced today that the executive publisher of Granta Books, Philip Gwyn Jones, has acquired the world English language rights of The Dig, a short novel, by Welsh author Cynan Jones.
Increased production overheads (Lada Granta production was still ramping up) as well as higher raw material prices were major reasons why CoGS grew faster than revenue.
Sigrid is also the owner of Granta Books and publishes literary magazine Granta.
Yorker, Poetry, TLS, the Nation, Granta, and elsewhere.
On Tuesday (7pm), Jim Crace will be reading Granta 119.
The New Granta Book Of Travel edited by Liz Jobey (Granta Books, pounds 25) What's it about?
Lada Granta, a new concept model of AvtoVAZ which, designed as the cheapest car of Europe tested by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Could the compliers and editors of what has come to be known as Granta Pakistan have taken some trouble to find out writers who have written -- and are writing -- about the same issues of meaning and identity for more than 160 million Pakistanis who cannot leave their country to avoid its torn past, its tortured present and its troubling future?
ASM International, a materials information society based in Materials Park, OH, and its design partner, Granta Design of Cambridge, United Kingdom, announced the availability of a new materials database created specifically to support medical device design and help speed the R&D process.