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a grant of public land (as to a railway or college)

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The participation Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and his colleagues during the concluding day on January 10 and his appeal for land there for the GoAP to build a dharamshala for Buddhist pilgrims from his state, prompted Nitish Kumar to announce the grant of land, on the spot, he said.
Israel should finally make good on its grant of land ownership to Dahmash residents by ceasing its discriminatory refusal to recognize their right to live on it,' Stork said.
The grant of land has been approved by the Custo- dian of the Two Holy Mosques, which is 200,000 sq.
OUR apologies to NF Robson of Leckwith Avenue, Cardiff, whose letter about the grant of land by the city council to Cardiff City Football Club appeared in Viewpoints on Monday.
13) Those accepted were offered higher pay, an enlistment term not exceeding two years, and the possibility of settling down in the colony with a free grant of land.
The grant of land was celebrated today at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Elsmere Canyon near Santa Clarita, CA.
For his loyal service Christian received a large grant of land in Niagara Township near St.
LeBone indicated that the Mi'kmaq needed a grant of land so that they might live "in this our native Island .
The same Congress that wrote and passed the establishment clause created legislative chaplains and military chaplains, confirmed a grant of land to the Ohio Company for the support of religion, approved the holding of religious services in the House chamber, the War Office, and the Treasury Building, approved days of prayer and thanksgiving to ``Almighty God,'' and approved the Northwest Ordinance, which specifically and intentionally connected schools with the promotion of religion.
The mother of Liu Guangyuan insisted she added a year to her son's age on his ID card to make him eligible for a grant of land under a 1980s distribution policy in the countryside.
Voters who made the "right" choice were often rewarded with cash, free drinks, a government job, or a grant of land.
Hierlihy and his soldiers were given a sizeable grant of land on both sides of Antigonish Harbour.