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a grant from a central government to a local government

a grant to a person or school for some educational project

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Today, we agreed on providing two Non-project Grant Aids which are designed to make good use of advanced technologies embodied in Japanese products: the first, to provide Japanese medical equipment, and the second, to provide products made by Japan's small and medium enterprises" he added.
5) Obviously there is interest in examining the role of price and financial aid on college access and affordability, especially at the highly selective private colleges that tend to focus on need-based grant aid that targets students from low-income families.
Now, thanks to a buyout led by managing director Paul Jayne and backed by, among others, John Moulton, a leading private equity firmboss, and grant aid from the Assembly Government, the company is back on a firm footing.
Conversely, the College Board's annual report shows that at the state level, the percentage of merit-based grant aid increased from 10 percent of all aid during the 1993-1994 academic year to 26 percent of all aid in 2003-2004.
Politicians and trade unionists are now demanding a top level probe into how Bombardier spent its grant aid and why so many sacked workers - 360 - are taking action.
A chemical company, which is shedding around half of its workforce, could be in line for grant aid to keep it going.
It is odd the council's budget proposals indicate cuts of pounds 300,000 in grant aid for voluntary groups but fail to put forward details of where the cuts will fall or the reasoning behind the cuts.
Japan will give $720,000 in grant aid to the Palestinian Authority and dispatch an election-monitoring mission to assist in the election of the Palestinian legislature in January, Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Tuesday.
This is a perfect example of how grant aid from the DOJ COPS fund can facilitate bringing modern communication and law enforcement technology to improve our public safety infrastructure.
Meanwhile, the EGU-ELGA Junior Club Coaching Grant Aid scheme is in its sixth year and in the previous year over 10,000 juniors received professional coaching, of which 16 per cent were girls.
6 million in emergency grant aid to improve maternal and child health care in Sri Lanka, the Foreign Ministry said.
As head of the college's business development team, she manages a budget of around pounds 1 million in grant aid from the European Social Fund each year.
Japan will provide Tajikistan with 950 million yen in grant aid, Japanese officials said here Friday.
Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Gotaro Ogawa and Foreign Minister Hor Nam Hong signed documents on the grant, which is the fifth nonproject grant aid to the country since 1993.
A total of 28 community groups in the West Midlands were named as the latest recipients of grant aid.