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By simply moving all grant payments from largely cash payments, which were costly, cumbersome and riddled with inefficiencies, to electronic payments, the new system has already saved SASSA a considerable amount in grant administration costs, MasterCard said.
The grant administration process would be streamlined, and the application process involve fewer people and fewer steps.
The reduction in the GO's grant administration role means that, over time, fewer junior staff will be required.
Whitman was anything but pie-eyed about American politics, as befits a former Grant administration appointee who had been abruptly discharged when he was discovered to be the author of the "immoral" Leaves of Grass.
A council audit probe into Cheapside found 'someweaknesses in the grant administration process and monitoring systems'.
Funds may not be used to pay indirect costs, grant administration fees, or salaries, or for lobbying or religious purposes.
As reported yesterday, RCT has found itself in the firing line after District Auditor Paul Griffiths said deficiencies in areas like grant administration and rent arrears could end up costing council taxpayers more than pounds 5m.
The Statement of Policy commits the Department to consider using ADR in areas like resolution of workplace issues, formal and informal adjudication, rulemaking, enforcement, issuance and revocation of licenses and permits, contract and grant administration, and litigation brought by or against the Department.
Because of its size, NWACF is able to serve as a charitable depository that lets local funds piggyback on its professional investment management and grant administration.
It is vital we have suitable safeguards in the grant administration system, so that businesses genuinely in need become the beneficiaries, rather than those who know how to work the system.
In singling out the Grant administration, in this day one forgets the scandals during the Harding, Harry Truman, John F.
In this period of seeming prosperity, corruption became rampant to a degree previously unparalleled in American history, except perhaps in the Grant administration.
The current NIDRR scientific-technical peer review process is based on policies contained in the Education Department Grant Administration Regulations (EDGAR).
The multi-tier permissions structure will permit production teams to grant administration and access rights at a variety of different levels.
Notes: pre-proposal conference will be held on 01/05/18, 10:00 am, at administrative office of the courtsdepartment of procurement, contract & grant administration, 2003 c commerce park driveannapolis, md 21401, conference room.