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the mother of your father or mother

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Her mother Laura McShane's side of the family includes gran Carol, 43, great grannies Celia Patton, 63, and 65-year-old Patricia McShane.
Father Jim Boyle's family brings 15-month-old Leah's gran Mary, 59, and 83-year-old great gran Grace.
Great great gran Sadie said her secret to a long life is "no worry, no hurry, no curry".
Great gran Grace now lives in a nursing home in Donegal and all the other residents love it when her family comes to visit.
A survey of 1000 kids by play firm Wacky Warehouse found 10 new types of trendy gran.
Psychologist Phillip Hodson said: 'My gran sat at the table with a stick.
10 Power Gran Margaret Thatcher: Organised at all times
Grans have moved on, along with the rest of the world.
Despite the scientists' claims that if the human race is to keep reproducing, grans are essential, I don't believe it's all down to us.
Not only that, but the longer the gran survives, the more kids her daughter will go on to have.
And if a gran chooses to look after her grandkids, then fine.
God knows, it took me long enough to get over the guilt of the working mother without ending up lumbered, thanks to Dr Lummaa, with the guilt of the working gran as well.