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a native or resident of New Hampshire

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In addition, please allow me to convey to you both the economic reality of this situation involving FairPoint's ability to be the 21st century telecommunications provider New Hampshire's economy needs, and Granite Staters want and deserve.
He said the plan will need three federal waivers, would sunset after three years without continued full federal contributions and would make use of private insurance to reach the further low-income Granite Staters.
Furthermore, Granite Staters think that candidates running for president should address the issue and that candidates who do so are more likely to get their vote.
New Hampshire deserves a leader who will offer solutions to these problems, and I look forward to discussing these issues with Granite Staters throughout the fall.
In the face of deep skepticism he ran a true grassroots campaign on the values that Granite Staters hold dear: accountability, responsibility, and common sense.
The event engaged young Granite Staters on the importance of taking action on climate change and building a clean energy economy.
Granite Staters are fed up with the failed policies of the Obama-Shaheen agenda that has led to the immigration crisis at the southern border, a weak economy and indecisive foreign policy.
Granite Staters may disagree on the merits of Northern Pass, but we cannot disagree on this: Decisions affecting the well-being of our state should be made at the public's behest, free from undue influence by special interests.
This aggressive and far reaching broadband expansion provides the robust infrastructure to allow more Granite Staters to capitalize on the increased availability and better use the Internet.
Should New Hampshire choose to embrace the REAL ID Act in 2008, Granite Staters still won't be able to visit Canada with their new ID cards.
The housing crisis of the last recession also made more renters out of Granite Staters.
89 Percent of Granite Staters - and 82 Percent of Gun Owners Nationally - Support Comprehensive, Tough-On-Crime Background Checks
The seven independent colleges of our NH Community College System are working aggressively to equip Granite Staters with critical, in-demand job skills, including in STEM fields.
But Senator Ayotte voted to block this sensible legislation, despite the fact that 89 percent of Granite Staters support background checks for all gun sales.
WMUR-TV General Manager Jeff Bartlett says, "We are pleased to offer Granite Staters this unique programming opportunity as we move into the primary season.
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