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Barry Granger, 62, suffered a severe leg injury, eight broken ribs and internal bleeding after he tried to prevent the thugs from escaping.
Their car then hit Mr Granger - and repeatedly drove over him.
For all other types of products you need to hand wash in warm water using a non bio-degradable powder or detergent (like Grangers Extreme X Cleaner), you can not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or iron your wet weather gear.
AS0410 Grangers XT DWR Replacement RRP A$39 AS0420 Grangers Extreme Cleaner RRP A$35
Granger gathered up the girls to talk us through the "magical change" our bodies would go through.
The Grangers are right to insist that schools work with the widest possible spectrum of kids.
In an interview with The Texas Tribune, Granger said the proposal - which she hopes to submit by the end of next week - would fully fund the installation for schools that have their detailed security plans approved by federal officials.
PAUL GRAINGER is trying to connect with members of the Grainger or Granger family and runs a Grainger Group on Yahoo which has 50 members from all over the world.
Jack Osborne, alias Zach Granger, alias Mack Greene, manages to pull it off with a maturity that belies his years.