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Many of these kids either don't have grandparents or they live far away and seldom see them.
When superior court judge Pascal English asked Harvey why she stabbed her grandparents last August, she tearfully responded, "For Sandy.
Census 2000, more than six million children across the country are living in households maintained by grandparents or other relatives.
As grandparents are continuing to take on the responsible of raising their grandchildren in the absence of parents much attention in the literature is given to women.
Census Bureau defines grandparents responsible for grandchildren as "grandparents who have assumed financial responsibility for food, shelter, clothing, day care, etc.
Grandparents raising grandchildren: Guidelines for family life educators and other family professionals.
At this point a check of records at the CCAS uncovered old records that indicated that both grandparents had criminal convictions and had been involved with the agency in the 1970's.
Parents also cannot use childcare vouchers, which are taken from their salaries before they pay tax and National Insurance, to pay grandparents.
Summary: The corridors and classrooms were filled with smiles, laughter and pride as 600 grandparents attended Dubai Modern High School's annual Grandparents' Day.
The campaign, run by the Basic Skills Agency, gives schools resources to help them work with grandparents, plus ideas for activities grandparents can do with their grandchildren, and practical information about what happens in schools.
I descend from 2 Black parents, 4 Black grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 great-great grandparents.
Programs for grandparents and grandchildren run the gamut from learning safaris in Botswana to reliving the magic of Harry Potter in a fantasy literature program in Oxford, England.
Grandparents can be particularly concerned they shall lose contact with grandchildren, particularly if the breakdown of the parental relationship is acrimonious or if a parent moves to another area.
grandparents are an increasingly important part of children's lives.
Peter Corfield, managing director at RIAS, said: "As households struggle to make ends meet, it's easy to take advantage of having grandparents on hand to help lighten the childcare load.