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a pendulum clock enclosed in a tall narrow case

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PENSIONER Graham Jones took his 91-year-old neighbour to court - over her grandmother clock.
In the past my wife, Ruth, and I have returned with a dog and a grandmother clock.
The hallway was originally very small but the couple knocked through to create a spacious reception area where Susan's treasured grandmother clock keeps a watchful eye.
Items stolen included a 3ft-high mahogany grandmother clock worth pounds 4,000, a 14in brass ornament of a man playing the flute, an ornate Chinese jewellery box, carved African ivory tusks and a 12in brass pitman's boot.
Among the items taken were a three foot mahogany grandmother clock worth pounds 4,000, a diamond pendant solitaire necklace worth pounds 3,000 and diamond ear-rings worth pounds 2,000.
The collection includes a grandmother clock and this is a plea for anybody with the necessary skill to offer to restore it to full working order.
Anyone can see that, as he sits on the couch opposite the oak grandmother clock, fitted with a Matthias Hipp movement.
The play requires a huge number of props and the stage management at Northern Stage have already collected hundreds of items, including three rocking horses, a grandmother clock, a tin bath and an antique sewing table.
Deputy stage manager Andy Stephenson has gathered hundreds of items, including a wheelchair, a tuba and a rocking horse, a tin bath, a grandmother clock and an antique sewing table.
There were seductive lights, airy drapes, aces of spades pinned to the wall, mini grandmother clocks and all manner of props that transformed this city sweatpit.