Grandma Moses

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United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)

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There are supposedly serious works on American art history that do not even include Grandma Moses in their index.
When it comes to age, though, Eugene resident Harriet Guardino has Grandma Moses beat.
During her life Grandma Moses painted over 1,000 pictures, 25 of them after her 100th birthday.
For the art history component of this lesson, students read aloud a biography of Grandma Moses and discuss reproductions of her work, along with the work of Mattie Lou O'Kelly.
Other influences are Sisley, Grandma Moses, Monet, Klimt, Wallis and Bonnard.
Nicholas,'' read by Armstrong with visuals inspired by Grandma Moses paintings, but her overall opinion was ``just OK.
Some of the artists featured are professionals, but others fall into the Grandma Moses category, never having picked up a brush until long after typical retirement age.
Like a gay Grandma Moses, Crisp reinvented himself late in life, embarking on a successful new career as a writer and speaker.
It's like putting blue jeans on Grandma Moses," she said.
Enormous displays featured at the center range from a historical tour of Christmas cards, to an exhibit of presidential cards going back to Eisenhower, to paintings by Norman Rockwell and Grandma Moses.
Look, Granny, if Judith O'Reilly can write a bestseller about being a Wife in the North and even my mate Keith Hann can persuade gullible folk to read his Bloke in the North blog, you could easily be the Grandma Moses of memoir writers.
Dropping in on Grandma Moses is the latest in a lovely series of animated children's DVDs featuring the cheerful anthropomorphic Puffer as he drops in on great artists through history.
Other 20th century works include "Pheasants" by Grandma Moses ($20,000-30,000) and a Bermuda harbor scene by Anthony Thieme ($30,000-50,000) that is expected to generate significant interest.