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United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)

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There are supposedly serious works on American art history that do not even include Grandma Moses in their index.
Canadian artist William Kurelek (1927-1977), best-known for his paintings of the prairies and nostalgic scenes of farm life and childhood, is sometimes described as a folk artist along the lines of the American Grandma Moses.
He speaks fondly, and with an unmistakable hint of reverence, of the many artists and writers--several of whom the family rightly regarded as friends--who contributed to Hallmark over the years: Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Walt Disney, Charles Shulz, Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali, Andrew Wyeth, Grandma Moses, Saul Steinberg, Georgia O'Keeffe, Henry Fonda and Groucho Marx, among many others.
Were Grandma Moses, Bob Marley, and Nadia Comaneci truly leaders, or did they simply inspire?
Jokingly, a friend said, "I need a Grandma Moses painting over my fireplace.
Grandma Moses and the American Past: Illustrating Autobiography 27-April 9 The Hot Mikado: West Coast Black Theatre Troupe 28 Spotlight on .
This release is beautiful in every detail, beginning with the lovely cover art by David Lesh, which seems to recall the sweet simplicity of Grandma Moses.
But readers are already likely to agree that Daniel Schorr and Grandma Moses make good role models, and boomers are already planning to extend their working lives in years to come.
From Mother Teresa to Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Charles de Gaulle, Pablo Picasso, Grandma Moses and many more, Splendid Seniors offers true tales of inspirational deeds as well as memorable quotes from each individual profiled.
That could be read to suggest that McCullough writes naively, in the manner of Grandma Moses, which he most definitely does not do.
Anna Mary Robertson Moses, popularly known as Grandma Moses, may be the most famous American folk artist.
Author Richard Panchyk also explores the art and lives of folk artists such as Grandma Moses, Elijah Pierce and the Shakers, as well as modern-day folk artists and their creations.
This interesting history lesson includes commentary on the first folk art exhibition in this country in 1924, the importance of the WPA program, and Grandma Moses, whom the author calls the "first true living folk art celebrity.
Naive, folk, and outsider art--Edward Hicks and Grandma Moses