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a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur

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The content of the patient's grandiose delusions changed after being diagnosed with hermaphrodite.
While the Arab-Israeli conflict proved to be the strongest pretext for the rise of this patriotism that is shorn of or is 'above' a homeland, the slogans of 'the Arab or Islamic Nation' also contributed to undermining the preexisting and only possible homelands, in favor of grandiose delusions that aspire to restoring imagined golden ages.
Two soldiers of fortune convince Afghan natives one of them is a god, but his grandiose delusions start to alienate his fellow traveller 1975 ***
Suahil and Ghauri speculated that the high association of grandiose delusions with more religious patients might be attributed to their relationship with an omnipotent force and that their "connection may confer the idea of being super human" (p.
John is showing unexplained bouts of aggression, grandiose delusions and hallucinations - all symptoms of a psychotic illness.