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an exemption based on circumstances existing prior to the adoption of some policy

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Alternatively, you can take the City & Guilds NPTC Level two Award in Safe Use of Pesticides which pretty much replaces grandfather rights.
financial industry, objected strenuously when the EC was considering the elimination of grandfather rights for foreign banks, including U.
Licensees have until August 6 to convert or vary their licences but if they fail to do so, they lose their so-called grandfather rights and must re-apply.
In fact, provided you make a valid application before 6 August, and the police have no objections, your application to convert your grandfather rights should be granted.
Fewer than twenty-five nonbank banks currently claim the grandfather rights accorded in CEBA.
Aviation consultant Laurie Price,an adviser to the UK government, told the Daily Post yesterday that slots a reallocated twice a year under international agreements: ``If you are allocated slots for, say, the spring and summer period then grandfather rights mean you get to keep those slots for every subsequent spring and summer period.
The proposal also includes an exception for investments held by state banks in accordance with the special grandfather rights under section 24 of the FDI Act.