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This investment shows our faith in Zambia both as an expanding economy and a hub for our grand parent project which exports broilers and pullets".
Yet it was the parents, brother- and grand parents - of Anicka Chabeli Arrieta Castaneda and Sara Isobel Arrieta Castaneda who handily won the award of 'stage folks.
I'd question why and the the reply would always be my grand parents voted Labour, my parents voted Labour, and they were all miners, so I'm voting for them.
He said: "It's wrong to use our parents and grand parents as a blueprint for how our lives should unfold.
My wife was about to give birth to our seventh; I knew the grand parents would be out: a marvelous excuse to take my wife on real, live date
maternal grand parents Michelle Ward and her fiancee Steven Pierce, Jr.
It will focus the development of Abu Dhabi from 1960-2010, detailing the forgotten numbers for the benefit of young generation, whose grand parents had to endure severe hardship in the absence of water, electricity, roads and other basic amenities of life.
With parents and grand parents pushing their offspring through the age groups, his thinking is that by the time they get to Under 17 level, many of them have had enough and have lost interest, preferring to pursue other sports and other pastimes instead of establish themselves in the senior game.
Melbourne, Apr 29 ( ANI ): Societal trends in Australia are turning grand parents into an endangered species, it has been revealed.
Parent-Child meetings within the court premises leads to depletion of bonding between the child and the non-custodial grand parents, cousins, aunts and uncles which is an important part of a child's brought up.
We've had contact from parents, grand parents and even pupils themselves who've been de-educated," says Denise Barrett-Baxendale.
He said: "We are a civil rights movement and we are campaigning for the rights of a child to be allowed to have the loving care of both parents and grand parents.
Rusedski learned his tennis in Canada while Henman, although coming though LTA ranks, was from a staunch tennis family with a grass court in the garden and grand and great grand parents who played at Wimbledon and in the Davis Cup.
14 -- This is a unique place for visitors as this may be the only place on the planet that one can see such a large herd of captive elephants from weeks old to parents to grand parents old more than 50 years.