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the great fleet sent from Spain against England by Philip II in 1588

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Before beginning an analysis of "After the Storm" and "The Grand Armada," I'd like to review what we know of Hemingway's interest in Melville.
In "The Grand Armada," Ishmael makes much of the immense number of spouts they see around them, first describing them as "a continuous chain of whale-jets .
This same sense of a calm within the storm governs Ishmael's perception of the whale in "The Grand Armada.
And, in a ghoulish inversion of the whale's transformation in "The Grand Armada," the tarpon or "jewfish" that are inevitably attracted to the wreck in "After the Storm" undergo a metabolic (as opposed to a metaphysical) process of "humanization," growing unbelievably huge on their diet of human offal.
And where Melville used "actual" whales in "The Grand Armada," Hemingway relied on an actual experience of his own.