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an extended cultural tour of Europe taken by wealthy young Englishmen (especially in the 18th century) as part of their education

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a sightseeing tour of a building or institution

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I suppose that is something we'd all like to do at some point, although few of us can accomplish the task by taking a grand tour of Europe.
As a foursome, they embark upon the grand tour of Europe for their extended honeymoon journey, first crossing the Channel to get to Calais (where they meet Beau Brummell) and on to Paris, then the Alps, Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome.
Dating from as early as the 1st Century BC, the cash includes Greek and Roman coins brought back by Sir Roger Newdigate of Arbury Hall, Nuneaton from his grand tour of Europe in the 18th Century.
The premise is that Sir Joseph Banks' decision to forego the Grand Tour of Europe and instead join Captain Cook's 1768-1771 Pacific expedition constituted the first Australian holiday.
in 1873, "took the Grand Tour of Europe between 1869 and 1871, and collected art much the same way John Ringling did," assembling a collection of more than 500 European paintings.
And he enjoyed a grand tour of Europe as he pitched up at club after club before joining Brann at the start of 2003.
Since colonial times, the Grand Tour of Europe, and more particularly visits to Paris and Rome, had signified for the sensitive American artist a return to the locus of Western civilization.
Titled ``The Grand Tour,'' the project will have her and her friend Anna Massey playing two contemporary ladies who retrace the steps of a Victorian grand tour of Europe.
Hervey made the customary grand tour of Europe and, at Hanover, Ger.
Similarly, his participation in a Passionist retreat while in Rome during his grand tour of Europe only solidified his antagonism toward the Church.
In the first, False Dawn, the young New Yorker Lewis Raycie makes a grand tour of Europe, buying pictures so far in advance of the taste of his time that his father disinherits him.
Tempo" is the closest thing to the grand tour of Europe and includes a 15 day/13 night spellbinding tour of England and the Continent.
From 1829 to 1831, Mendelssohn went on a grand tour of Europe from which he composed the Hebrides Overture following a visit to Scotland.
The original Stewponey, named the Foly Arms, belonged to a rich industrialist, who, as was the fashion at the time, encouraged his eldest son to take The Grand Tour of Europe before settling down to a life in the industrial heartland of the Black Country.