Grand River

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a river in southern Michigan that flows northwest to empty into Lake Michigan

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Grand River Foods manufactures more than 200 food products for Canada's leading grocery, restaurant and food service companies.
According to an official statement, the company will add 500 jobs at Lansing Grand River late this summer.
Bonnie Schepers, Dominion President, brought greetings, spoke of the involvement of a number of the members of Grand River Branch at the Dominion level over the years, and thanked the Branch for the work it has undertaken to ensure the history of the Loyalists is not forgotten.
Critique: Author Rick Monture is a member of the Mohawk nation, Turtle clan, from Six Nations of the Grand River Terrory and Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada).
The Grand River Grannies' mandate is to raise awareness about the plight of African grandmothers and to raise funds to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation and its work with grassroots projects.
Ltd will produce three of Grand River Enterprises' premium brands in its New Providence factory using equipment leased from the Canadian affiliate, said Wilson.
Last month Feedinfo News Service reported that Grand River Foods closed its poultry facility in Paris, Ontario, and shifted production operations to another one of its plants in Beamsville.
Using a wireless solution manufactured by Airspan Networks, Grand River is using the unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum to provide the service throughout a 10 square mile area in Lamoni according to Cavin Cox, Grand River's Internet systems administrator, who is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of this project.
Lansing Grand River produces the Cadillac CTS, CTS-V, STS, STS-V and SRX models, some of which are exported to the UK.
SIX Nations protesters argue that the British Crown had granted the land on either side of the Grand River to the Six Nations in 1784.
The Black Crater fire rages across 2,700 acres of dry forest in Oregon' A man stands in the murky floodwaters of the Grand River in Ohio' Picture: DOUG BEGHTEL/AP' A Chena Hot Shot firefighter
Unionid mussel distribution, numbers, and species were examined in the Grand River to provide a recent and comprehensive study of mussels from northeast Ohio's longest river.
He owns the 19,000-acre Grand River Ranch in northern Colorado, of which he has set aside 11,000 acres overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park for his own weekend escape.
The flexibility that is built in to the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant, where those two and the SRX are manufactured, is in line with the notion of building what people want, of switching output to meet demand, not pushing out cars and trying to create demand.
Councillor Dave General, who gained national notoriety when he accused National Chief Phil Fontaine of "grovelling" before then-Indian Affairs minister Andy Mitchell at this year's spring confederacy of the Assembly of First Nation, is seen as the heir apparent to Chief Roberta Jamieson in the top job on Six Nations of the Grand River territory in Ontario.
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