Grand Inquisitor

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director of the court of Inquisition (especially in Spain and Portugal)

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The Grand Inquisitor covers everything that's expected of a bass to be able to sing, from a low E to a high F, it's there, and it takes a lot of sustained legato lines.
Grand Inquisitor cost 250,000gns at Tattersalls in 2013, and as well as having horses carrying his own red colours, Ferguson snr has shares in a number with Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, including Royal Ascot winner Telescope and promising Classic hopes Consort and Sympathy.
The closest comparison to the argument of the present essay comes from Bernard Bergonzi: "The interrogation of the priest by the police lieutenant in The Power and the Glory has affinities with the encounter of the Grand Inquisitor and Christ in The Brothers Karamazov" (139).
But, surely, there are situations that will awaken the Grand Inquisitor in all of us.
Pressed and badgered, as if by the Grand Inquisitor, people demand a hard pronouncement.
The Glaswegian, 48, played DSU George Stark whose nickname was The Grand Inquisitor.
And let's also recall Paxman and Humphrys' great predecessor as grand inquisitor, Sir Robin Day, responsible for Falklands War minister John Nott walking out of the studio after (prophetically) being called "a here today, gone tomorrow" politician.
Take the duet between King Philip II of Spain and the Grand Inquisitor in Act III; as these two symbol's of ruthless secular and sacred power angrily confront each other, Verdi's malevolent orchestral sonorities ooze and slither beneath the solo voices to create an atmosphere of profound unease.
He will perform The Grand Inquisitor, a 50-minute drama extracted from an episode in Dostoyevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov, in which Christ returns to 16th century Spain but is condemned by the head of the Inquisition, fresh from consigning 100 heretics to the flames.
The Grand Inquisitor chapter in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov is a well-known influence on O'Brien's interrogation of Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Blank returned to text adventures in 1997 when Activision hired Blank and Berlyn to create a small prequel game to promote the release of Activision's Zork: Grand Inquisitor.
Auntie's ugliest face has been on show in recent weeks, sadly, yet noone scrutinised the pock-marks more closely than radio's grand inquisitor.
Like King Philip in Don Carlos, Naphta--a fanatical advocate of the sixteenth-century Counter-Reformation--believes "the principle of freedom has outlived its usefulness" Like the Grand Inquisitor in Schiller's play, who believes the Church rather than the State has the right to execute its enemies, Naphta consistently asserts "the supremacy of the Church over the secular power.
The legend is set in Seville during the Spanish Inquisition and involves a meeting in a prison cell at night between a captive, silent Christ and the Grand Inquisitor charged with executing heretics.
That he revels in his role as France's Grand Inquisitor remains indisputable.
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