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Synonyms for Louvre

an art museum that is a famous tourist attraction in Paris

one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain


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This is an excellent opportunity to exhibit during the inaugural year of a stunning new arts center that is unique in the region," says Grand Gallery Supervisor William Wilson.
Proposals will be reviewed by the Grand Gallery Advisory Committee and recommended for exhibition opportunities.
Then a glass lift took us up to the breathtaking grand gallery where the beautiful birdcage structure, cast-iron balconies and soaring glass roof was exactly as I remembered.
Contract notice: Work management contract on the inside cover of the grand gallery of the old terminal of paris - le bourget belonging to the musee de l~air.
A glass-fronted lift runs between the floors and the Grand Gallery - including the dramatic Window on the World.
This service contract is to achieve security benefits on behalf of the Transport Company of Strasbourg in the Gallery of Great Canopy - tram station Central Station which is a first class ERP type GA / M which includes - A security linked to an ERP first category type GA - Underground Station and M / Shops- A security service in the Gallery of the Great canopy and underground station- The supply of ticket machines the tram station Central Station of the CTS and storage boxes distributors in the vault of the Grand Gallery of the canopy.
At the end of the grand gallery, by contrast, history and the individual painter were given their due.
The grand gallery reception is set in a restored 1890s chapel and decked out with sumptuous sofas and pre-Raphaelite art in the archways.
Contract notice: This contract is for equipment museum lighting of the grand gallery of the evolution of the national museum of natural history.
Over the last 60 years it has been moved to a series of different locations, but is now heading back to its original spot in the Round Room to be a focal point of the grand gallery.
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