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Those statistics show the Grand Canyon state licensed eight new captive insurers last year, but 11 others withdrew, were redomesticated or were dissolved, for a loss of three for the year, the department said.
3 (ANI): US President Barack Obama's best hope of winning the Grand Canyon State of Arizona, according to a new poll, lies in him having former Alaska Republican Governor Sarah Palin on the same ticket when general elections take place in 2012.
One is not asked to show identification while living and working in Arizona, the other has to provide such paperwork just to walk on the streets of the Grand Canyon State.
The Grand Canyon State Fencing Foundation has initiated a seated fencing program in Arizona.
Come and experience the great ranch opportunities that abound in the Grand Canyon State.
DO IT ALL IN ARIZONA There's no place on earth quite like the Grand Canyon State.
For additional information, contact Roger Nagel, president of the Grand Canyon State Insulators Club, 8331 W.
As policymakers in Arizona seek to reset the balance, it is worth repeating that "there's no place on Earth like the Grand Canyon State.
So they sold their Chatsworth home and moved to the Grand Canyon State, where they were able to buy a bigger, newer house.
based company's weekly newspapers in the Grand Canyon State.
And while it was a cakewalk for Agassi in San Jose, it is unlikely to be as easy for him in the Grand Canyon state, where James Blake, who stood at 26th in the world rankings last week, has missed out on a seeding.
Their Highlights Of Arizona takes you on an 11-day tour of the Grand Canyon State for pounds 699.
A mid the majestic saguaros, giant agaves, and natural grandeur of the Grand Canyon State, a ballet company formed by a board of trustees who agreed to disagree eleven years ago is making artistic strides as gutsy as the gentleman's agreement that brought it into existence.
The desert climate and spectacular scenery of the Grand Canyon state makes it a perfect winter holiday destination, and our lucky winners will be able to spend four days there, staying in one of Phoenix's best hotels.
The Arizodiac is a fun way to interact with travelers who want to learn more about how they can enjoy travel adventures throughout the Grand Canyon State that meets their specific vacation interests," said Sherry Henry, AOT director.
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