Grand Canyon National Park

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a national park in Arizona including the mile deep canyon of the Colorado River which shows geologic features and fossil plants and animals

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For the West, they're Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods National Monument, Lava Beds National Monument and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
June 4-11 Grand Canyon Star Party Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Dean Ketelsen, 520-293-2855; ketelsen@as.
Located in the southwest corner of Grand Canyon National Park, the Supai community will connect all critical facilities, including public safety and health service, public schools and homes in the community that has a population of 503.
Yet visitors to the official bookstores in Grand Canyon National Park are now treated to a different view: the view espoused by creationists who believe these rocks were deposited and the canyon was carved in a twinkling during Noah's Flood.
In December the heads of the seven national geographical organisations in the US sent a letter to the Grand Canyon National Park superintendent expressing concern over the sale of 'The Grand Canyon: A Different View' in the park's gift shop.
Fire department authorities based in Los Angeles said the aircraft, carrying a crew of two along with the 19 Japanese, was scheduled to fly on a tour over Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.
Groups including Friends of Acadia, Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation, are raising money for their own restoration projects.
Grand Canyon National Park is home to trees and plants like pinon pines and evening primrose, and an array of animal species from jaguars to the endangered Mexican spotted owl.
Grand Canyon Traverse Ski and Backpack, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
One of Babbitt's clients in those days was Canyon Forest Village, a scheme to build a Disneyland-style resort outside Tusayan, Arizona, near the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.
As many as 5 million people each year visit Grand Canyon National Park.
AMERICAN FORESTS strongly supports creation of Grand Canyon National Park.
At the Grand Canyon National Park, only 38 of the park's 438 trails are maintained; and at Yellowstone, the condition of 90 percent of the park's trails is considered "unsatisfactory" by the park service.
National Geographic Visitor Center includes convenient services such as Grand Canyon National Park Pass sales, information and tour reservations, free Canyon maps, National Geographic store, photo galleries, Arizona Office of Tourism, Explorer's Cafe featuring Pizza Hut Express & more.
The gateway town of Tusayan and the partner services provided by the Grand Canyon National Park have committed to remaining open, including lodging, food, beverages, and retail.
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