Grand Canyon

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the enormous gorge of the Colorado River in northern Arizona

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The governors executive order establishes the Grand Canyon Protection Plan, and calls on Arizona State Parks and Trails to coordinate with the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service in creating it.
Grand Canyon for Sale endeavors to describe the damage being done to the Grand Canyon natural area by private developers and lack of government regulation.
Andrew Snelling, who works for Answers in Genesis--the same fundamentalist organization behind the Ark Encounter theme park and Creation Museum in Kentucky--was denied access to Grand Canyon National Park to conduct his young-Earth creationism work.
We now have a scientifically credible, readable book about the Grand Canyon geology geared to nongeologists: The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth: Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon?
has partnered with the Clark County School District (CCSD) to offer complimentary tours of Grand Canyon West to CCSD students and teachers, the company said.
A temporary federal ban on new uranium mining at the Grand Canyon is already in place, but proponents want to make the ban permanent.
The Grand Canyon was named in 1979 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is visited by over 5 million people per year.
We need to know about this threat to the cherished and irreplaceable Grand Canyon.
Lago, an author who has explored and kayaked the Grand Canyon multiple times, relates stories from its history, such as how the Apollo astronauts hiked it in preparation for exploration of the Moon, how Edwin Hubble tested it as a site for an observatory, how Roger Miller spent a summer living in a trailer there, William Randolph Hearst's fight against the National Park Service to keep property he owned on the rim of the canyon, poets and writers like Henry Miller and Carl Sandburg who visited the canyon, the Egyptian cave myth, claims that the ancient Chinese discovered the canyon, and the story of John Hance, the canyon's first white settler.
Take away the Grand Canyon, and the town of Tusayan probably wouldn't exist.
By most geologists' definition, the Grand Canyon proper emerged between 5 million and 6 million years ago, as the Colorado River flowed across and eroded its way through layer after layer of rock.
NOTHING can prepare you for your first glimpse of the breathtaking Grand Canyon.
This is what aerialist Nik Wallenda might look like when he undertakes a tightrope walk near the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon has been described wild and unforgiving, but it is also one of the most stunning landscapes on earth.
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