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small genus of large epiphytic or terrestrial orchids of southeastern Asia to Polynesia

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Several plants of Grammatophyllum speciosum, Bulbophyllum vaginatum, Bulbophllym membranaceum, Cymbidium finlaysonianum and Cymbidium bicolor ssp.
However, there was no significant difference between the oil or oil + Silwet L-77 treatments when used to treat Grammatophyllum orchids for flat mite infestations, although the oil alone and the oil + Silwet L-77 treatments were both significantly better than the water control (experiment 3: P < 0.
There was no significant difference between the oil alone and the oil + Silwet L-77 treatment when treating Grammatophyllum orchids for flat mite infestations, perhaps due to the fact that Grammatophyllum orchids have large, thin leaves that show very little pitting as a result of feeding by the flat mite.
Terrestrial orchids encountered were from nine genera: Arundina, Bromheadia, Claderia, Nephelaphyllum, Neuwedia, Macodes, Plocoglottis, Spathoglottis and Taenia, and epiphytes were from 38 genera: Adenoncos, Acriopsis, Agerostophyllum, Appendicula, Brachypeza, Bulbophyllum, Claderia, Cleissostoma, Coelogyne, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Dendrochillum, Dilosia, Dimorphorchis, Diplocaulobium, Dipodium, Epigenium, Eria, Flikingeria, Grammatophyllum, Kingidium, Liparis, Oberonia, Phallaenopsis, Polidota, Plocoglottis, Pomatocalpa, Renanthera, Robiqueta, Sarcanthus, Thaenopyllum, Thecopus, Thecosthele, Theleasis, Trixspermum, Trichoglottis, Trichotosia and Vanda.
Examples of epiphytic orchids that fell to the forest floor and survived are the giant orchids Grammatophyllum speciosum, Araehnis, Liparis, Polidota, Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium scundum.