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Tropper, Ugaritische Grammatik, 369, where he proposes the etymology /han-/ + /l/ > /hall-/ as more likely than Tropper's reconstruction of a distinct locative particle /hal-/ + /1/ (Ugaritische Grammatik, 750).
1950, Ostjakische Grammatik und Chrestomathie mit Worterverzeichnis, Leipzig.
So werden in der 1987 publizierten Grammatik von P.
Tilo Weber: Lexikon und Grammatik in Interaktion: Lexikalische Kategorisierungsprozesse im Deutschen.
com, both of Boeing; or Eric Grammatik of Telair, +49-8025 29 1724 or egrammatik@telair.
In tables 3 and 4, Flesch-Kincaid from the Grammatik program is labeled Flesch-Kincaid 1 with the same measure from the Readability Plus for Windows program as Flesch-Kincaid 2.
The readability of the brochure was assessed with Grammatik (Fry, 1977), the literacy of the participants with the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy (REALM) in Medicine test, and the suitability of the brochure was tested with the Suitability Assessment of Materials measure (Doak, Doak, & Root, 1993).
1858 Versuch einer Grammatik der dajackschen Sprache.
There are also various style and grammar checkers that one may purchase separately, such as RightWriter, CorrectGrammar, Grammatik, and Editor.
Sir, - Please assure Michele Platman (Post, Aug 30) that a computer program entitled Grammatik has existed for several years.
Publications which are standard editor's tools are the Canadian Style Guide, Grammatik software, and readability tests.
Features from Perfect Office include Quick Correct, which automatically corrects misspellings, and Grammatik grammar and style checker, which will suggest replacement words, phrases and sentences, and rewrite if needed.
Using the Grammatik IV computation of the Flesch Index, we find J.