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a word that is uninflected and serves a grammatical function but has little identifiable meaning

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They found a clear, yet previously undetected, pattern of sounds and puffs of air, which consistently replaced grammatical words in many of the children's utterances.
The fact that this sound was always produced in the correct place in the sentence leads us to believe that young children are knowledgeable of grammatical words.
In addition to the phonological word, the grammatical word has been argued to be a domain for morphosyntactic (and to some extent, semantic) generalizations (Dixon and Aikhenvald 2002).
Evidence from processing and slipsof-the-hand studies reveal the hybrid properties of particular grammatical word structures (e.
The process appears to reflect the evolution in human speech from a sequence of purely lexical items, originally denoting concrete objects, through the shift of the lexical component to grammatical, which culminates in the rise of a string of lexical and grammatical words.
Since the simultaneity of the various morphemes is triggered phonetically, their co-occurrence cannot be taken as an unambiguous indicator of a grammatical word.
It may therefore seem that the nonmanual component is primary, however, the head of the entire sign is the grammatical word (compare also the discussion in 8.
Some recent studies of polysynthetic languages in North America have argued that, even though there may be good grounds for postulating large grammatical words, particularly in the case of verbs, the best candidates for phonological words are considerably smaller, so that a single grammatical word may comprise more than one phonological word.
Phonologically, difficulties arise because of the possibility of breaking up a single grammatical word into a number of phonological units, as defined by pause and the location of intonational accents; under certain conditions some of these detached units may then be re-attached to the preceding grammatical word.
This principle guarantees that the base in each grammatical word is preserved as completely as possible.
The segmental ending of the grammatical word representing the plural has to be [Z].
Newborn infants' sensitivity to perceptual cues to lexical and grammatical words.
The grammatical density of the sentences, such as those containing more content words and fewer grammatical words, and complex and lengthy noun and verb groups, presents linguistic challenges that serve to confound young students (Parkin & Hayes, 2006).
However, if one is concerned with content words, such as eyes, it is usually preferable to exclude the grammatical words that collocate in order to discover the content words that collocate.
I would expect him to be leaving out simple grammatical words like 'is', and the endings of some words, so he'd say 'James kick ball' instead of 'James is kicking the ball'.