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the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb


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Hardy's book with its computational and linguistic analysis is likely to be tough sledding for those of us trained during the last thirty years in the hermeneutics of suspicion, but his use of collocation analysis and focus on grammatical voice bear attention, for they support and deepen our understanding of O'Connor's preoccupation with the Incarnation and her use of the grotesque.
Hardy sets his use of voice against the background of narratology and Bakhtinian dialogism, but he is more interested in grammatical voice and, more specifically, middle voice.
Form and function in the typology of grammatical voice systems.
He demonstrates how that struggle can be illuminated by examining the interactions of grammatical voice and the body at both the macrolevel and the microlevel of the narrative in her novels.
Using as the basis for his extensive analytic treatise, Professor Hardy draws upon three major essays he had written (and for the purpose of this book, re-written to make it a comprehensive and organized text) to present an innovative thesis with respect to O'Connor's use of grammatical voice and physical bodies in the texts of her novels.