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a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

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The study explores the child's sociolinguistic development in terms of gender identification, grammatical gender (intrinsic to the Spanish language), differentiated female-male behaviors and roles, and the emergence of speech styles appropriate to her sense of self as a female.
Although developmental processes naturally vary across individuals and cultures, an individual case study can nonetheless suggest a range of indicators of gendered speech, factors affecting their transmission, the effects of grammatical gender, and how gender specific behaviors and speech styles emerge, as well as situate them within a developmental time frame.
But before doing so, we shall explore the development of grammatical gender in language, reflected in Carlina's language expression.
Moreover, the assignment of grammatical gender is based on a somewhat arbitrary assignment.
At this point, she had clearly internalized the attribution of Spanish grammatical gender of nouns, their modifiers, and the correlation between singularity and plurality.
If gendered pronouns were something which has been retained as a substrate from Norn, and Norn retained genders from Old Norse, one would expect the grammatical genders in Shetland dialect to correspond to those in Orkney dialect.
The purpose of the current paper is to investigate possible remnants of a grammatical gender system found in the Orkney and Shetland dialects of Scots.
Whether this is a relict of the Old Norse grammatical gender system, or is an extension of the habit found among all English speakers to personify certain objects considered affectionately or used regularly, referring to them as she, is beyond our scope [.
This paper investigates not only the workings of a grammatical gender system in the Orkney and Shetland dialects of Scots, but also addresses the question of its origin by comparison to other historical and contemporary varieties of English and Scandinavian.
Hypothesis 1: (A) system(s) of gendered pronouns found in Orkney and Shetland Scots retains features carried over from the grammatical gender morphology of Norn.
Thirty-two pictures of common objects (from Snodgrass and Vanderwart's set, 1980, of similar collections) were selected (16 with feminine grammatical gender names and 16 with masculine grammafieal gender names).
In Italian, determiner forms depend on the grammatical gender of the referent noun (e.
Twenty-four pictures were selected (12 with feminine grammatical gender names and 12 with masculine grammatical gender names).
Finally, a faster lexical selection would accelerate the access to the grammatical gender of the target picture and the posterior retrieval of the appropriate pronominal form.
The Relation Between Language and Cognition in 3-9 Year-olds: The acquisition of grammatical gender in French.