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In the analyses of English examples, on the other hand, the PTCP is the main verb of the passive construction, forming a monopredicational structure, whereas the predicative AP realizes the closed grammatical function PREDLINK.
These results are in accordance with the Universal Grammatical Function Theory, which predicts that the functions of inflectional and lexical derivation are the same.
The instrument covers grammatical functions such as tune assignment to simple statements, commands, wh-questions, exclamations, polar questions, polite requests, statements to be changed to questions; and attitudinal functions such as uttering surprises, showing indifference and expressing doubt and uncertainty.
The goal is set to delineate a notional paradigm for (1) modal adverbials and (2) evaluative and modal introductory words: (1) the paradigm of modal adverbials is to be formed based on the shared semantic trait of confidence in the truth value of proposition, and the grammatical function of emphasizer; (2) the paradigm of evaluative and modal introductory words is to be formed based on shared semantic trait of confidence in the truth value of proposition, and the grammatical function of disjunct.
Nonlocal uses, especially grammatical functions of local cases have been neglected or only briefly mentioned (Blake 1994; Malchukov and Spencer 2009).
The new generations tend to keep only the liaisons that hold a grammatical function, particularly those that make the distinction between singular and plural.
3) Some overlap categories, depending on the context of the sentence, but, regardless of their grammatical function, they still act as text bridges.
However, in the present case of person markers deriving from case inflected pronouns, we are not dealing with lexical items becoming grammatical ones, but rather with grammatical items changing grammatical function.
Such texts are organized by grammatical function or by theme, and the excerpts are selected to complement them.
For instance, "[w]hat difference does it make for literature that OE grammatical function is signified in case endings of words whereas in ModE, word placement is the key to grammar?
For sentences of the type we used in the present study, several factors are likely to induce such a wrong assignment of the subject role: indeed, the preverbal position of N1, its initial position in the sentence and its definiteness make it a good candidate for the grammatical function of subject of the sentence (McDonald & Heilenman, 1991; MacWhinney, 1987; MacWhinney & Bates, 1989).
The first step in sentence analysis is to draw up a list of high frequency items in the sentence that are not part of the main verb (such as articles, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and the basic forms of auxiliary verbs); ambiguity of grammatical function is resolved during sentence processing.
12) The grammatical function of the vowels coheres with the physical motion of the body which accompanies the utterance of the vowels.
Pleonasm especially refers to the coincident use of a word and its substitute for the same grammatical function and is similar in meaning to redundancy and tautology.
Rather, he analyzes the verb forms used in terms of their grammatical function in order to find the most probable meaning.