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Feature-decomposition approaches to argument realization like LFG's linking theory manage to capture complex generalizations about argument realization, and also the reasons behind systematic mismatches between semantic role and grammatical function (or morphological case), in a monostratal model.
As in Czech, a single morpheme can have several grammatical functions, for instance -s in (he) runs is a marker of more than one grammatical function, such as present tense, third person and singular.
Likewise, identifying parts of speech has little to do with writing, but understanding grammatical functions has a great deal to do with rhetorical choices attendant to rewriting.
For instance, a lemma that corresponds to an action concept, specifies how the concept's thematic relations are mapped onto grammatical functions (often: actor onto subject, patient/theme onto direct object, location onto adverbial or prepositional modifier, etc.
Subject of, Object of and Predicate were now recognized as grammatical functions, which meant that they held a special relation between themselves.
Lexical items may over time acquire a grammatical function, and items with a less grammatical function may acquire a more grammatical function, but not the reverse.
Harbsmeier allows himself to confuse word-class with grammatical function, a confusion that is fostered by the accidental fact that in old-fashioned grammatical studies of English the word "verb" is often used both as a word-class label and a grammatical function label and by chance fact that English does not have as rigid a morphological basis for distinguishing nouns from verbs as many other languages do.
Regardless, the status of the object in these cases in terms of grammatical function will be discussed in section 5, but it should be noted that the thematic role is the same as the direct object of transitives: a theme.
Certain cumulative or "euphonic" suffixes are likely historical remnants of earlier, functioning morphemes that coalesced with neighboring morphological material; some may still retain a grammatical function in Old Tamil.
Man konnte diese Funktion wortartenneutral als die grammatische Kategorie Totalitat/Nichttotalitat bezeichnen [aspect and article are realizations of one and the same grammatical function.
The author adopts the widespread view of grammaticalization as the change of an autonomous lexical item into a grammatical function word and/or a grammatical affix, or the transition of an already grammatical formative to an even more grammatical one (Meillet 1958 [1912]; Kurylowicz 1975 [1965]).
It becomes evident that in actual performance a clear-cut distinction between some fingerspellings in so-called "sign-supported English" (which is definitely not BSL but English) and in BSL cannot always be made: "These forms obviously have a grammatical function in English.
Wurzel emphasizes, however, that the "communicative-pragmatic naturalness" that allows us to account for suppletion is a very different kind of principle from those of NM, which operate within the grammatical system and involve relationships among forms or between form and grammatical function.
For some three decades, scholars have been studying how a lexical item or a construction transforms to serve a grammatical function.