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a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax

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The original version of the Hamlet story is a brief narrative in the legendary so-called 'Danish History,' written in Latin by the Dane Saxo the Grammarian about the year 1200.
It discusses grammarians of the time, including Smith and James Harris; the convergence of moral philosophy with economic and political discourse and the use of the present simple in assertions about the unchanging human nature in the domain of commerce and other social actions; the use of the past tense in historical discourse; how the continuum of historical progress at the level of society or nations is constructed using the present perfect to establish a continuous and enduring state from the past to the present; and the use of the present simple to set up a normative or ideal pattern of economic interaction, along with the future tense predicting the movement of the pattern.
Editor's Note: We fear at this historical juncture it is too much to ask of grammarians to modify the English language to include light-travel time.
Especially amusing is the account of his work as a Zahiri grammarian, given his suspicion of grammarians.
The concern of grammarians about fixing the English language met the growing demand of people looking for linguistic stability and a systematic presentation of the language.
Grammarians don't like the trend, but branding experts give it a thumbs-up.
Both Elfenbein's and Hodson's books invite at least four questions on the views of grammarians during the decades of Romanticism and on practices of contemporary dramatists, essayists, novelists, and poets.
McLuhan often discusses the rhetoricians in conjunction with the grammarians as they had similar concerns with language, the former being focused on speech and the latter on written language.
By studying the biblical manuscripts at the British Museum in London, Coakley was able to solve the mystery of the two dots, which has puzzled grammarians for decades, and described his finding as a "significant footnote in the history of writing.
Then all the prescriptive grammarians wake up, one after
That one was worse because the state's official nickname really is a question for the Legislature, while spelling is a question for editors and grammarians.
The manuscript not only reveals how western grammarians thought in the 18th century, but is also likely to offer indirect evidence of what Indian grammarians said about Sanskrit at that time.
His language, full of hugely entertaining malapropisms and made-up words, will make grammarians and some teachers frown, and children--scream with delight and cry with laughter.
Bhartrhari founded the philosophical/theoretical treatment of Sanskrit grammar, otherwise called the Siddhanta School, drawing upon metaphysics, epistemology, logic and ritual that contributed to both linguistics and philosophy of language followed by the grammarians like Bhattoji, Dikshita, Kaunda Bhatta and Nagesa Bhatta.
Second, grammarians, but also Augustine, sometimes critically established a biblical text prior to interpreting a passage.