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a secondary school emphasizing Latin and Greek in preparation for college

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However, the premise that pupils at eight-year grammar schools achieve better results than their peers from primary schools seems to be untrue, with the gap between the two groups gradually narrowing.
The Blue Coat School, Wirral Grammar School for Girls and Merchant Taylors' Boys' School were the top three performers in the region.
What happened was that the grammar schools, the main agents of social mobility in the 20th century, were therefore removed from the deprived areas where they were (and still are) most needed.
Governance rules for Queenslands grammar schools have been reformed to cut red tape and support school boards in long-term planning.
HANCOX' argument for bringing back grammar schools rests entirely on his and his brother's personal experience.
THE BIG ISSUE Theresa May's plans for a new wave of grammar schools are opposed by four out of five head teachers - as well as a number of Labour and Tory rebels.
Divisive grammar schools I DID wonder why Nicky Morgan was sacked from her Education brief in July, and now we know why, she is opposed to Theresa May's plans for a new generation of selective grammar schools.
Not being a Tory I have to, however, agree that bringing back grammar schools could help those that truly want to learn at an early age.
Their plan to bring back grammar schools is a poor attempt to duck their record - which has seen classes grow to the largest in Europe, teachers flocking to leave the profession as pay and conditions stagnate, and a raft of corruption scandals at unaccountable Tory academies that have failed to deliver the promised improvements in standards.
NEW grammar schools in the West Midlands would give bright pupils from poorer families the same chances middle class children take for granted.
CONTROVERSIAL plans put forward by the Welsh Conservatives to revive grammar schools in Wales have been dealt a blow by England's chief inspector who has described claims poorer pupils stand to benefit as "tosh and nonsense".
com BIRMINGHAM'S Conservatives have hit out at Labour after a motion on creating new grammar schools across the city was "blocked".
There's been a rise in people doing the entrance exams at grammar schools over the last two or three years.
Nevertheless, it is harder to imagine grammar schools ever winning favour in Wales than in England, which makes today's announcement - revealed exclusively in The Telegraph (which is worth noting) - all the more extraordinary.
A report from the London School of Economics (LSE) published last month showed that the decline of grammar schools had helped deepen class divisions, effectively kicking the ladder away from bright children.