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a secondary school emphasizing Latin and Greek in preparation for college

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Admittedly, some secondary moderns aped the grammar schools and pupils from these did acquire a university place.
Tory John Major's offer of 'a grammar school in every town' went down like a lead balloon and, when given the chance to return to grammar schools, even leafy Solihull gave the idea a resounding thumbs-down.
Judi Anders wrote on Facebook: "Of course grammar schools get the best results.
The 1944 Education Act allowed for free secondary education for ALL pupils in three strata - grammar schools, technical schools and secodary modern schools.
As Mr Prydderch-Roberts states, we had a perfectly functioning system in Wales in the 1960s, but our iconoclastic politicians (not exclusively Labour) abolished grammar schools to create the myth of "equal opportunity".
Mr Roden said there had been 4,700 applications for 1,019 places at the eight King Edward grammar schools in Birmingham for the next academic year.
Nevertheless, it is harder to imagine grammar schools ever winning favour in Wales than in England, which makes today's announcement - revealed exclusively in The Telegraph (which is worth noting) - all the more extraordinary.
The School is one of only five mixed grammar schools in Buckinghamshire.
And you will never bring back social mobility until you bring back schools that provide a superb education for the brightest working-class kids - some kind of modern equivalent of grammar schools, which nurture exceptional children from modest homes.
Birmingham's brightest pupils face a tough time getting into the city's top grammar schools, with nine out of 10 children missing out on a spot.
GRAMMAR schools may be failing to challenge their more able pupils and should raise expectations at GCSE level, a report has suggested.
THE issue of grammar schools has long provoked debate.
A report from the London School of Economics (LSE) published last month showed that the decline of grammar schools had helped deepen class divisions, effectively kicking the ladder away from bright children.
Grammar schools on Wirral get many of the brightest children in the area.
DAVID Cameron faces another explosive row over grammar schools when he returns from holiday this weekend.