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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

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Gramm is based in Chicago and reports to Michael Garceau, XL Group s Chief Operating Officer for North America Property and Casualty.
ALEC is for less government and more freedom," Gramm and Rollins wrote.
After his career as a public servant, including six years as a member of the House of Representatives and 18 years of service in the US Senate, Senator Gramm joined UBS in 2003 as vice chairman of the investment bank.
In February, Congressman Chet Edwards wrote to the people of the district: 'This election is about fiscal responsibility so we don't drown our children in debt,'" Gramm says.
What ensues is an unending chase through Seattle as Gramm tries to unravel the mystery while multiple red herrings are dragged across his path.
Nine years later, Gramm, while teaching at the local university, gets a phone call.
At the time, everyone assumed that Gramm meant that Republicans would shrink the size and scope of government.
During the Senate debate, an amendment by Senator Phil Gramm (R-Texas) that would have exempted employers from liability, was defeated.
Gramm wants to eliminate this requirement that banks merging with insurance or securities firms maintain Satisfactory CRA ratings in order to enjoy the expanded activities permitted under bank modernization without facing regulatory penalties.
When the Year 2000 problem came up before the Senate Banking Committee earlier this week, Republican Senator Phil Gramm had an unusual take on the issue.
At his first press conference, Gramm said he intends to "look at derivatives.
Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) didn't even wait until the new year.
Phil Gramm, R-Texas, Forbes is a supply-side true believer and heir to Ronald Reagan's optimistic, empowered vision of America.
The big surprise, we were informed after the polling was done and the spinning begun, was that Phil Gramm had tied Bob Dole with 2,582 votes, or $64,550.