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high open pasture rich in species belonging to the Graminaceae and Cyperaceae families).
We recorded a relatively low consumption of herbaceous plants (other than Graminaceae, Cyperaceae and Juncaceae), such as Ranunculaceae, Primulaceae, Umbrelliferae, Leguminosae and Compositae (Table 3), perhaps due to the low palatability of these species during the study period.
This is because herbicides that are specific for legumes and non-toxic to cotton are less readily available and are more expensive than those that are specific for the Graminaceae.
These hillrocks were out of the forested zone and were generally surrounded by open grasslands composed of introduced species of Graminaceae.
They will be able to vault the interbreeding barriers that separate wheat and other cereals from their thousands of relatives in the megadiverse plant family, the Graminaceae, or perhaps even to exploit resistance genes from virtually any plant species in the world.