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Synonyms for gram

a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

Danish physician and bacteriologist who developed a method of staining bacteria to distinguish among them (1853-1938)

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stva camyam utkramet | khandena lohitakena s'artivena grame pratistheta I ko 'bhis'asteiya bhiksOm iti saptergarcini caret | .
But the half-time break failed to interrupt the Limerick charge and less than 20 seconds after the restart Grame Mulcahy goaled.
Rather, Grame Davies (2007) reports that regional powers such as China, Japan, and Russia did not have any impact on North Korean behavior toward South Korea.
SHADES OF GLORY: England congratulate Grame Swann after dismissing Junaid Siddique
It's like a grame and other Russian kids to fetishize old punk culture," he says, "We want to mix it all together.
Trailblazer Grame Obree is in the Hall of Fame - which was launched to celebrate the national governing body's 50th anniversary - as is Robert Millar.
Grame Smith led the way with a typically aggressive 49 (42 balls, 8x4) while Watson finished the job with some mighty hitting (61 not out, 41 balls, 8x4, 2x6).
Rata (New Testament studies, Grame Theological Seminary, Indiana) examines the covenant motif in the Book of Comfort by Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.
Dean Corris netted twice for Ferries, with Ian Thomas and Alan Cairns also on target, while Ben Jenner, with two penalties, and Grame Carvell scored for the losers.
01: 1995: Lyon) Le son et l'espace: Premieres rencontres musicales pluridisciplinaires, Lyon, mars 1995, organisees par le Ministere de la culture et GRAME.
The advice comes from Grame Barty, managing director of Harvest Road, a WA-based company that has built a thriving business with its range of Internet software products.
Kvomo or himne hjamvitr ofan There appeared like from the sky, the one with her helmet - ox geira gnyr - poers grame hlifpo; - the darting of spears increasing - she protected the warrior; pa kvap pat Sigrun - sarvitr flugo, Sigrun, skilled in riding the air, shouted
They haven't been able to offset inflationary increases," says Grame Lidgerwood, a transportation analyst with First Boston in New York.
Joining Simonds as members of the committee were Grame Barty of the Australian Trade Commission; Ruben Barrales of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce; Carol S.