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machine in which rotating records cause a stylus to vibrate and the vibrations are amplified acoustically or electronically

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This former teacher and jingle writer founded the music industry's largest independent recording label, American Gramaphone, in 1974 when industry executives said Davis' innovative 18[sup.
They later changed their name to Stereophonics after Cable's gran's gramaphone.
The book would have to be How to Build a Gramaphone From Palm Leaves by Nosale Kerching.
FOLLOWING the tremendous success of their Gramaphone award-winning Agnus Dei album The Choir of New College Oxford have come together under the musical direction of Edward Higginbottom to celebrate English choral polyphony over the past 500 years.
1885: Chichester Bell and Charles Tainter applied for a patent on their invention - the gramaphone.
The label has received consistent international acclaim, was named Label of the Year in 2005 by the august classical music magazine Gramaphone, and has been praised by such critics as Elizabeth Blair of NPR as "a promising force in an otherwise risk-adverse industry.
Fontana distributes more than 100 labels including Downtown Music, Savoy, Vagrant Records, Eagle Rock, VP Records, American Gramaphone, Six Degrees, Last Gang Records, SMC, Delicious Vinyl, ESL, Kedar Entertainment, Ministry of Sound, Ipecac, Strange Music, Music World, VH1 Classic Records, MySpace Records and many others.
Remembering the first time he met the tenor, Mgr Shields said: "He was performing in Madame Butterfly in Belfast and we in the St Cecilia's Gramaphone Society went to see the production.
With just drummer Temperance Society and an old gramaphone for company, Duke has the potential to succesfully inhabit the singer-songwriter field somewhere to the left of Badly Drawn Boy, though the cover of Elliot Smith's Baby Britain didn't quite work for me.
He has produced and conducted music for many films, and has produced dozens of best-selling CDs, released on American Gramaphone, JVC, Mattel, Warner Bros.
There was a huge jump in the last century from sheet music to gramaphone music.
Among those spinning the decks and playing their favourite gramaphone records will be DJ Dick of Rickers Hi-Fi, Jah Grizzly, of G-Corp with lights and visuals provided by Sensateria.
He has produced, composed, and conducted music for many films released by Mattel and Sony Pictures Classics, and has produced dozens of best-selling CDs, released on American Gramaphone, JVC, Mattel, Warner Bros.
Whatever happened to spending hours just looking in the window at the Wizards Den and at Hobbies, playing the comb and paper, gramaphone needles, cigarette machines outside every shop, weighing machines outside chemists, mixing coco and sugar to dip your finger in, sharpening your knives on the back step (did that work?
For all intents and purposes, American Gramaphone "is" the Mannheim Steamroller.