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The Field of Kocani in which top-quality rice, the most important grain crop in the region, has been grown for centuries is also known for its unique breath-taking landscape that has been the landmark of the region.
First, we will have to develop perennial grain crops through breeding.
The Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food expects that exports of grain crops during 2011/2012 marketing year would amount to 26 million tons of grain, wheat making up to 7.
However, one class of plants stands out from the rest: perennial grain crops.
In addition to the simple carbon sequestration that this breeding could imply - possibly double that of common annual grain crops - such plants seem to mobilise and retain nutrients and water very effectively over extended periods, thus providing resistance to drought, flooding and other challenges we shall face from climate change.
Lysine, an essential amino acid that is deficient in many grain crops, is found in quinoa approaching Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) standards set for humans," explained the NASA scientists.
The biggest grain suppliers -- Russia, Bulgaria and Hungary -- were affected by a severe drought last summer, which destroyed millions of hectares of grain crops and led to an increase in prices on the international market.
Formulated from domestic grain crops (think canola oil), the green products outperformed traditional lubricants handedly during Star brite performance tests.
As for consumption of the major grain crops, wheat consumption might increase from the last year's level by 13 percent due to increased wheat consumption in feeding, to compensate for the shortage of feed barley.
There were worries that heavy rains in northeastern Bulgaria earlier in July would ruin grain crops.
The world's second largest oil user blended mostly grain-made ethanol into gasoline but in 2007 it ruled that new ethanol plants should not use grain crops as feedstock amid food security concerns.
Plant silk is a totally organic material, manufactured from the waste stems of grain crops.
Camelina grows well in the unpredictable dry climates of these states and can be used as a profitable rotational crop with wheat or other small grain crops.
You cannot use the combined grain crops of Australia and Indonesia for US fuel and not have an impact on corn, soybean and food prices," Elam said, predicting food price inflation will rise five or six percent in 2009.
He was one of many farmers hit after torrential downpours earlier in September caused widespread floods and made it impossible for many farmers to bring grain crops in.