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(legend) chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper

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illustrating the Grail quest (1891-94), likewise, depicts the knighthood at table, in the course of a meal.
Although Tennyson himself voiced no direct opinion on controversial religious matters (evangelical or otherwise) and counted among his friends Dissenters, Anglicans, and Catholics, (22) his religious conservatism is apparent in Arthur's condemnation of the Grail quest as one which will leave his knights following "wandering fires / Lost in the quagmire
Scorche-dearth tactics befoul and clutter the process, often making the Holy Grail quest for simplicity a purposely mired mission impossible.
Barber divides his Grail quest into three parts, each surveying what he sees as a major stage in the development of the legend.
A corresponding perspective on the position of women in twelfth- and thirteenth-century French romances has recently been proposed by Ben Ramm (2003), who emphasises feminine roles in relation to the Grail quest as "the very support for the male homosocial structure of the Quest" (Ramm 2003: 518).
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This is an original and richly provocative study of Malory in many areas, especially in textual relations, gender and the body, and narrative method, along with extended and deeply thoughtful analyses of particular subjects--Merlin, the Tristram book, the Grail quest, and Guinevere amongst them.
So far, Herbie's biggest success has been with his series of game books The Grail Quest.
Kervorkian, who has turned happy endings into a grail quest.