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English writer (born in Scotland) of children's stories (1859-1932)

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Grahame, who is now looking to relocate to fit in with his northern-based worklife, said: "The property was finished to a very high standard and the quality of workmanship is really good with solid oak flooring, a solid oak staircase, contemporary bathroom fittings and quality internal doors.
But fellow SNP MSP Grahame said: "I think it was inappropriate.
Grahame Morris MP, said: "There needs to be a continued focus on bowel cancer as it's such an important health issue.
Both of the two rinks started tentatively as the Muni showed respect for their Rowheath hosts, but skips Phil Holmes and Grahame Spiby urged their teams to lead more confidently, with a positive result.
The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame (1908) - 1,200 pounds
Former Scotland Yard Detective, Grahame White, aims to grow membership and foster public/private sector cooperation
Eighties singer Sonia, actor Philip Olivier and ex-Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame are starring in the show, which runs from today until Sunday January 6.
And therefore, adults in the audience, who may well have known Kenneth Grahame's endlessly beautiful book, The Wind In The Willows from childhood, are likely to expect just a little more of the story-magic than they get here, where Alan Bennett's adaptation of the original gives us only the bare bones of the story without much of the fascination Grahame put into the original book.
And the cast list is like a who's who of former reality shows as Big Brother's Nikki Grahame, Desperate Scousewives' Layla Flaherty and Geordie Shore's Greg Lake battle it out to see who will make the grade and who will become beauty school drop-outs.
The event which was set up in 1995 to raise money for Velindre Cancer Appeal in memory of two local musicians, Andrew Nichols and Paul Grahame, who lost their lives to the disease.
GRIFF Rhys Jones is the latest celebrity to present an edition of the ITV documentary strand, Perspectives, and he's chosen a subject close to his heart - The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.
GRAHAME WHATELEY is rightly proud of the fact that, two generations back, his granddad was a miner in Mansfield hacking out his daily quota of three yards by three yards by three yards of coal with nothing more than a pickaxe lubricated by a pint or two of sweat.
Delighted RSPB spokesman Grahame Madge said: "It is absolutely wonderful to see this magnificent bird of prey once more gracing our shores.
The Company is pleased to announce that today Grahame Rose, will