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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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Her new Verglas colt is a half-brother to the Listed winner Grafitti and will join Sirius Prospect at Dean Ivory's Hertfordshire yard.
The articles--on topics that include scribal lineage, demotic grafitti at Medinet Habu, Ptolemy IX, statues of priestesses, and the capture of Thebes--were originally presented at the 2006 Theban Workshop, held in Chicago, and edited by Dorman (the Oriental Institute of the U.
Dawn Cronin, at the Hair Lounge, cuts it and I have it yuko straightened every six months in Grafitti.
However many posh kids of millionaire rock stars protest, however many students wee on statues of Churchill, however many grafitti over Westminster Abbey, the students will always command sympathy from certain quarters, based on one fact.
MM GRAFITTI 6 Colours Debut album from the three-piece, it's full of bright and shiny pop tunes with a funky laid-back chilled-out vibe, best seen in Calm The Storm.
INSPIRATION: A real-life aardvark DEMANDS: Kris Akwei-Howe is campaigning to get the Cerebus the Aardvark grafitti back GONE: The aardvark artwork
This behaviour often escalated fromknocking on doors and hurling abuse to grafitti and vandalism to cars and homes and, on occasion, physical assault.
Inset photo: grafitti on an interior wall tells the tale of one worker.
Glass Restoration-repair of scratches, stain-removal, grafitti, job-site consultations, etc.
The murals of famous Coventry bands The Specials (above) and The Enemy have been created by grafitti artists in the Golden Cross pub, city centre.
Spray paint grafitti to rear wall reading "pro bust".
A resident reported that her back fence had been sprayed with grafitti.
If he did, then he would notice most of the double-deckers are covered in grafitti.
After the homily, Archbishop Bagnasco's cathedral in Genoa was daubed with hostile grafitti and he himself required police protection.
The grafitti depicts feuds, as well as the names of active memebers, also known as ``roll call,'' to announce who's ``putting in work for the neighborhood.