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Synonyms for graffiti

a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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So Robinho's bizarre venture into 'street art' has left us paying closer than usual attention to grafiti plastered around football grounds.
Recreational exploration of other people's access points has become known as wardriving, and the leaving of grafiti describing available services as warchalking.
Grafiti and rap were especially aggressive public displays of counterpresence and voice.
Pa newid hinsawdd, a hithau mor oer --'r gaeaf hwnnw yn hen stori Jacob Dafis, pan rewodd grafiti.
Mae'r Maes yn fyd ynddo'i hun ac mae'n anodd torri'n rhydd - fel petai gan y byd yma hefyd ei grafiti diwylliannol i'n cadw ni o fewn ei gylch.