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UNIMPRESSED: Coun John Williams views graffitti on a council garage in Leadgate, near Consett Picture: Paul Norris www.
The Mystery of the Graffitti Ghoul written by Marty Chan (Thistledown Press)
THE best bit is their job isn't to stop graffitti, it's to make more of it and to pretend it's art and pay the little darlings a fortune for it.
Such failings can be seen wherever you look, whether it's in graffitti and low-level antisocial behaviour or abusive behaviour towards the elderly and the vulnerable.
Albums and singles from the company's main artists like Orange Range, Hirai Ken, and Porno Graffitti contributed greatly to sales.
The next morning graffitti on buildings and bridges all over Venezuela simply said "por ahora.
West Central Cooperative, a farmer co-op in Iowa, markets a number of soy-based industrial and agricultural lubricants, including hydraulic fluid and penetrating oil, as well as specialized cleaners such as graffitti remover.
What needs to be considered is the new street agenda that the demonstrators publicised in their banners, graffitti and campaigns.
PAINT MISBEHAVIN' Council employees Dave Thomas and Andrew Gray get to work removing graffitti from the Kingsway subway in Cardiff city centre.
The light was almost gone, and we didn't have a flash but we took turns at standing really still to photograph the graffitti, and got a couple of good shots for the section on bothy songs.
Barry called to his mates who were dotted around the area looking on at the graffitti daubed around by others who had found tins of paint.
They reverberate down the years as you look over the vast plain under construction that is the Potsdamer Platz in east Berlin - at the beginning of the century one of the liveliest squares in Europe - or glimpse the revolt in graffitti covering a fragment of Wall, or tread no-man's-land in the company of ghosts at Checkpoint Charlie.
He said ten tonnes of litter and debris had recently been cleared and graffitti removed from sites near Birmingham city centre.
A celebration of legal graffitti art, this workshop is part of the run up to its free annual festival at the Liverpool Guild of Students.
There must be no controversal graffitti on any car, a half roll cage is advisable, but not essential at this early stage.