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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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As a symbol of a marginalized masculinity that despite all odds, manages to succeed, it is an apt image for those males involved in graffiti culture.
Gaza's graffiti culture has just been documented in a new book by Swedish radio and photo-journalist Mia Grondhal, who has been visiting and reporting on the region for more than 30 years.
Jim does not deny there is a destructive side to graffiti culture which upsets many people.
The editors offer some discussion of the place of such expression within the wider graffiti culture and in terms of the place of the railroads in American countercultures such as that represented by boxcar-hopping "hobo," but for the most part are content to let the words of a hundred of the artists and a thousand color photographs of their works tell the history of the practice.
I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about real graffiti culture.
Stencils have a noticeably different aesthetic to the hip-hop-style graffiti that has dominated graffiti culture in recent years.
What we think of now as Hip-Hop was pre-dated by a number of things in the city--primarily a very strong graffiti culture in New York.
But North councils, police and community bodies working to tackle a growing graffiti culture in the region described the Keep Britain Tidy report as "nonsense".
On the contrary, graffiti culture allows urban youth to express themselves through art rather than crime, said Victor Mendoza of Circo Volador, a culture center aimed at youth in Mexico City's run-down Jamaica neighborhood.
Mr Bruce said the graffiti culture was linked to skateboarding and hip hop music and its popularity had followed a graffiti epidemic in New York in the 1970s.