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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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It is inevitable that the current wave of skate- and surf-influenced fashion, which draws from street art and graffiti culture, will make its influence felt in home furnishings.
Paul Caulfield, defending, said Kaszefko had become involved in the graffiti culture in a limited way through "boredom" more than anything else and now lived a crime-free life.
the Studio has come to be recognized as the place where the early 80's renaissance began -- the fulcrum for a magical moment in New York's graffiti culture.
This event was conceived as a tribute to the roots of graffiti culture, a time in New York City's history that I chose to believe was worth fighting to preserve.
Juxtaposition with the city's highly developed graffiti culture vividly illustrates the many facets of modern Bogota.
This exhibition showcased memories of my childhood in different amusing ways starting from skateboarding to getting awed by the splendor of graffiti culture.
A lifelong New Yorker, Major says he understands graffiti culture, and he also appreciates fine art.
Are these McGee's reflections on the institutionalization of graffiti culture or a commentary on the state of all aesthetic aspirations within the historical conditions of global capitalism?
Borrowing various versions of masculinity, the construction and production of masculinities located in hip hop and graffiti culture fuses these disparate elements together in unique ways.
Part of Lerner's "On the Radar" nonfiction picturebook series, Graffiti Culture teaches young adults about the tremendous impact urban graffiti art has had on human culture throughout history, and continues to have in the modern day.
Tag this app: graffiti culture and the All City tale by the app's creator, Marcus White.
With the eruption of the second Intifada in 2000, Gaza's graffiti culture re-emerged in full force.