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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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During the event the wallwill be transformed into a piece of public art by young people and some of the UK's top graffiti artists.
YOUNG graffiti artists are being given the chance to help brighten up a Coventry pub.
But Andy Birch, the graffiti artist behind murals in Denbighshire and Conwy, said: "Graffiti is now recognised as an established art form although opinions are still divided.
uk/graffiti to search for the nation's most promising online graffiti artist.
2) Graffiti artists show their wares on the inside walls of a North Hollywood art gallery on Saturday.
Graffiti artist Gecko created the display in memory of his friend Carl Brown, from Leigh, who died, aged 18, in the disaster.
Sgt Paul Edwards-Cleaves said Luke-Clarke was caught twice spraying his tag name last year during a clampdown on graffiti artists by the city's authorities.
They also learned about American graffiti artist Keith Haring.
So Uniform flew in Japanese graffiti artist Dragon 76 for two days to create a mural touching on every stage of a fan's matchday experience, while incorporating images of club legends Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and Steven Gerrard.
His work will be shown side by side at Opus Art in Gosforth, Newcastle, with work by London-based new wave graffiti artist James Choules, known as SheOne.
Works by world-famous British graffiti artist Banksy have become collectors' items with celebrities such as Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie reputed to have spent pounds 200,000 on one of his pieces last year.
GRAFFITI artist Banksy may face a 10- year prison sentence for criminal damage if he tries to claim copyright on his street art.
The pounds 1,000 print, I Fought The Law, shows a graffiti artist being pinned to the floor by police.
Like its console and PC counterparts, "Getting Up" puts mobile gamers in the shoes of Trane, a talented graffiti artist and headstrong New Radius citizen striving for freedom of expression in a city where free speech has been outlawed by a corrupt government.
BRUSHING UP: Graffiti artist Laurence French in action in Church Street